The NfN

A student . It's my last year @SMK Bandau (2012) ;
Hxhx! Speaking pula ., aku menuntut ilmu di mana-mana~
Simple in a way but complicated in some way . Esp when it comes to HEART .

There are 4 men that I LOVED with all my heart ;) They will always be;
And my only girlfriend; They're my catalysts ;) My Family <3

I'm NfN .,nickname; Quack (Yellow-craze)
Nazkfa is a rotate name which was create on 2010. Gila Sejarah gituu ~! Can't help myself because my teacher is so awesomeee . Ahaks! Thanks for sharing the spirit with us, Sir Kalix.

5 things about me;
1# Yellow
2# Tea
3# Chocolates
4# Durian
5# NfN ;)

Hmm ..whats next?

Another 5 things 'bout me;
1# Blog is my only 'online me' place.
2# Shy . ( hahaaa! )
3# Aku lihat butang publish macam pak polisi ..semua isi hati yang boleh mengguris mereka terpaksa dipendam . Ludah dalam tandas . Hee ..i think so mucho .
4# To live my dream .
5# Eternal happiness .

.:. Well, enjoy learning !

Assalamualaikum & Moshi2 ne .. XD

1 comment:

AzianNazri said...

adaka sy trsilap baca???SHY????hahha
gurau je..~

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